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Ely Ranch Studios, located in Paris, MO, specializes in designing & constructing custom stained glass window panels and lamp shades.  We invite you to browse our Gallery and refer to Pricing for assistance in estimating the cost of a custom panel or shade.  We also offer stained glass Repair Services, free stained glass Information and stained glass Instruction.  Use our Manufacturer & Supplier Links to assist in selecting glass, supplies, tools, & accessories.  Finally, enjoy a quick visit to our Studio & print and assemble our lampshade scale model.

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Introducing Stained Glass

Everyone enjoys the beauty of stained glass.  Whether in the form of a window panel or lamp shade, stained glass enhances and compliments any decor.  Because of its color, textures, and various transparencies, the use of stained glass results in artworks not achievable with other media.  With reflective light, stained glass art in itself is quite pleasing to the eye.  When backlit, causing light to emanate from the media, stained glass takes on an unequaled dimension of color.  View our blinking lamp shade to see the difference.  Panels and shades portraying geometric design, scenes, and other objects seem to come to life when composed of stained glass.

Although crystalline transparent stained glass windows have been utilized since medieval times, artists relied on applying glass paint to achieve detail and lifelikeness.  In the 1870's Louis Comfort Tiffany, among many other things, pioneered opalescent glass, new colorization techniques, and the copper foil method of construction.  Copper foil compositions could be assembled from small pieces of glass allowing greater detail and stronger structure.

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Tiffany window panel circa 1920

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Tiffany Grape table lamp circa 1900

Click image to enlargeTiffany's mosaic methods account for the majority of techniques used today in stained glass art.  Although painted glass today no longer requires kiln firing, few stained glass artists work with painted glass techniques to achieve photographic and portrait-like windows such as those used in churches.

Stained Glass Panels & Lamp shades

Stained glass panels & lamp shades provide practical solutions to various lighting & decor issues.  Whether a privacy window allowing light through, a sign advertising your business, or a lampshade to set a desirable mood, stained glass will add to the richness of your environment.

Ely Ranch Studios strives to achieve uniqueness in its panels & shades in design, coloration, & textures in a theme of your choice.  Tom Ely, the artist of Ely Ranch Studios, has been designing & constructing stained glass window panels & lamp shades since 1975.

Window panels & lamp shades are designed based on your concept in unique or "off the shelf" designs in Classic & Western themes such as Victorian, Art Noveau, Southwestern, Prairie, or Contemporary utilizing the copper foil technique for superior strength, beauty, & weather resistance.  Ample reference material is available to help you form your idea.

    • Window panels for accent, privacy, picture, doors, borders, signs & logos using natural or artificial light, etched images, lettering, depicting geometric patterns, scenes, animals, nature, etc.

    • Lamp Shades (our specialty) for hanging/swag, table, floor, wall, using your base or one from our extensive base inventory; custom bases made of cedar, other wood, iron, or horseshoes.

    • Stained Glass Lamps For Sale, a small stock of one-of-a-kind lamps on hand for sale. Call or email to inquire about current inventory.

    • Other Stained Glass Objects such as mirrors, jewelry boxes & unique suncatchers.

Visit our Gallery for examples of past projects.  Call or email for no charge consultation & estimate or price it yourself using our Pricing table.  Delivery & installation available.

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Repair Service

Ely Ranch Studios is experienced in repair of lead came & copper foiled window panels & lamp shades.  Repairs made on location if necessary.
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Information Service

Ely Ranch Studios offers a FREE stained glass information service.  We'll do our best to answer your questions, help solve your problems, and offer alternatives.  Having trouble finding a stained glass product?  Having difficulty cutting curves?  Want advice on how to clean or repair your stained glass panel or lampshade?  Don't know what to expect from your local stained glass retailer?  Email or call with your stained glass questions.

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Individual or group instruction in the art of stained glass is available at Ely Ranch Studios offers a 40-hour course that concludes with the completion of a simple panel in a design of your choice.  Materials are furnished.  You will need to invest moderately in tools, materials, & supplies, have access to a work area with adequate lighting & ventilation (avoid carpeted flooring).  Reference materials are also recommended.  Instruction is given in design, patterns, glass cutting, foiling, soldering, framing, & basic lamp shade construction.  Class schedules are quite flexible & can be held at our rural Paris, MO, Studio or any local location.  Courses can be tailored specifically to your goals & objectives.  Our Standard Course Syllablus steps all the processes necessary to complete a finished stained glass panel.

Stained glass art is a gratifying avocation & hobby.  You can be taught how to design & construct stained glass art.  With patience & steadfastness, you will be rewarded with an  heirloom-quality piece of beauty that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Everyone will be impressed with your finished product and be amazed with the combination of light, color, and texture.

Minimum artistic and craftsman skills are required  to produce stained glass objects.  You can create original designs and choose colors & textures.  Countless pre-designed patterns are available and can be modified to meet your particular requirements.   Right-triangle arithmetic is used in the design & construction of lamp shades, computation tables exist for the most common shade dimensions.  And, of course, your skills will progress with practice.

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