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Basics of Design & Construction of Stained Glass Art
Copper Foil (Tiffany) Method
Course Syllabus


Six (6) - Two (2) Hour Sessions
  Session 1 - Orientation -
Reference materials.
Workspace, tools & supplies.
Demonstration of the entire process.
Assignment: Selection of "Training Panel".
  Session 2 - Basic Design & Glass Cutting -      
Design guidelines & techniques.
Model, cartoon & pattern production.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Training Panel" cartoon & production.
Producing the finished glass piece.
Use of patterns.
Use of tools & techniques in cutting straight lines & curves.
Glass breaking.
Glass growsing, grinding & burnishing.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Training Panel" piece cutting.
  Session 3 - Foiling & Soldering -   
Selection & application of copper foil.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Training Panel" foiling.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Training Panel" solder setup.
Soldering iron use & care.
Tack & Bead Soldering steps & techniques.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Training Panel" soldering.
Patina application.
Session 4 - Edging, Framing & Lamp Shade Design & Construction -
Solder, lead came, zinc channel edging & frames.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Training Panel" edge application.
Shade geometry & panel calculations.
Multi-section shades.
Construction techniques.
Assignment/Hands-On: "Night Light".
Session 5 - Advanced Techniques & Followup -
3-D objects.
Questions & Answers.
Course feedback & improvements.

     25 May 2009

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