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You already know that a web site exposes your business to hundreds of local clients, thousands in the US and hundreds of thousands around the globe.  A web site will increase your sales and quickly pay for itself.

Thomas C. Ely, d.b.a. Ely Ranch Web Services, located in Paris, MO, develops and maintains custom web sites for small Northeast Missouri businesses.  Web sites include standard features and are affordably priced as my past and present clients can attest.  I can also provide your business with computer and internet consulting and training to help your business manage large projects and become self-sufficient in creating and maintaining your web site.  My business computer systems experience is described in my resume.

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Web Site Development Cycle

  • Review - Initial interview to overview your business, products, services, & specialties at your business facility if possible.  Purpose & objectives of web site are documented.  Related web sites are researched to assist in formulating a conceptual design and selecting content & presentation methods.

  • Definition - Conceptual design is reviewed & web site is fully defined including individual pages, layout, graphics, & specific content.  Necessary materials (text, photos, & existing graphics) for reproduction on the web site are gathered.  Milestones to be accomplished by the web site documented.  Domain name is obtained.  Maintenance & advertising needs & strategies are discussed.

  • Design - Web page & image files are created & uploaded to temporary host for testing, review, & revision.  Web hosting services are obtained.

  • Implementation - Web page & image files are uploaded to permanent host.  Web site is reviewed for accuracy of content & functionality.

  • Maintenance - Web page updates are made as necessary to accommodate business changes & reviewed for accuracy & functionality.  Major change requests may require the development cycle to be repeated starting with definition.


Web Site Features

  • Front page (Home page) typically containing:
    • Name & logo banner,
    • greeting & introduction,
    • business description,
    • contact information,
    • business hours, location & driving directions,
    • individual page description, and
    • narrative of underlying pages with links.
  • Subsequent information pages (subpages) describing individual products, services, & related content.
  • Consistent custom-designed page layout & graphics created to your specifications; can be based on your present advertising material.
  • Your business name, logo, address, phone number, fax number, email address, & other contact information posted on every page if desired.
  • Text formatted with Arial and/or Times Roman font appropriately sized, paragraphed, aligned, colored, & highlighted.  All text over 25 words can be submitted on machine-readable media (CD, diskette, email, etc.).  Text transcription services are optional.
  • Public domain images, custom graphics, & scanning of your photos.
  • Common top-of-page banners & uniform navigation on all pages.
  • Links to related web sites.
  • Latest web site update date, visitor counter, & copyright information.
  • Page titles, descriptions, & search keyword meta-tags coded to your specifications to improve web search engine indexing, categorizing, & ranking of your web site.
  • Uploading of all web files to your server & testing your site for accuracy.
  • 30-day warranty on errors, omissions, & functionality.
  • All web site files, graphics, & other programming becomes your property after the web site has been implement & full payment has been received.
  • Web site is constructed with the industry standard HTML editor, MS FrontPage, to improve the ability of the client to maintain the web site.  FrontPage, one of the MS Office Suite components, is easy to learn & use yet embellished with powerful time-saving tools.
  • Optional web site features & services:
    • digital photography,
    • text composition & transcription,
    • web site search & table of contents,
    • photo gallery,
    • visitor viewing & downloading of special data files, such as Acrobat Reader (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc), & Excel (.xls) documents,
    • audio & video,
    • forms & data base processing,
    • e-commerce,
    • guest books,
    • banner ads,
    • and more.

Web Site Pricing & Payment Terms

  • Minimum web site development charge - $250
  • Front page - $150.
  • Each subpage - $50.
  • Digital photography, text composition & transcription, custom animated graphics, banner ads - $25 per hour.
  • We can guide you in registering your domain name ($35 or less per year) and obtaining web hosting services ($10 to $30 per month).  Restrictions may apply if we secure hosting & domain name(s) for you.
  • $100 down payment required to complete web site definition & begin design.
  • 50% payment of the total estimated remaining cost required upon your approval of  design to complete web site implementation within 30 days.
  • Balance due in full upon completion of implementation & your acceptance of web site.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.  All previously approved development cost estimates will be honored.
  • Web Maintenance completed within 3 days of change notice & receipt of necessary update materials - $25 per hour.
  • All optional web site features & services - $25 per hour.
  • Discounted & package pricing for large web sites.  Maintenance contracts available.
  • Payments for submitted invoices are due upon receipt.

Client Web Sites     Current     Past     Future


HayhurstRealEstate.com (link)
2005 / Currently maintaining

ValtraUSAPullingTeam.com (link)
Paris Equipment Sales & Service
2005 / In development

McLaughlin Stables & Western Store
1999 / Replaced by another developer
See the new version (link)

Custom Transmission
2001 / Replaced by another developer
See the new version (link)

Monroe County Appeal
2004 / Replaced by an in-house developer
See the new version (link)


ElyRanch.com Quarter horses, stained glass, web services (major revision February 2005)
JustSaw.com Saw blades, abrasives, carbide, sharpening equipment, & more (Major revision in January 2005)
WheelerAuctions.com Auctions & Real Estate
TeamSorting.com Team sorting & team penning events in northeast Missouri, southeast Iowa, & west central Illinois
ParisMO.net/internet City of Paris, Missouri, wireless internet customer support
ParisMO.net City of Paris, Missouri
MonroeCityMO.com Monroe City, Missouri, area commercial advertising
MLBarRanch.com Horse training, sales, breeding, boarding
Aerial Graphics Aerial photography
TeamSorting.com Team sorting & team penning events in northeast Missouri, southeast Iowa, & west central Illinois
MonroeCountyAppeal.com Paris, Missouri, county seat newspaper (now "Archives")
Transman.net Automotive transmission parts & service
Mary Ely Photo essay of her life & times
Country Creek Farms Wheaton, griffons, spaniels, collies, breeding, sales, kennel
HuntOtterCreek.com Guided deer & turkey hunting & lodging


ParisMO.com Paris, Missouri, area commercial advertising
ShelbinaMO.com Shelbina, Missouri, area commercial advertising
ShelbinaMO.org City of Shelbina, Missouri

Computer & Internet Consulting

  • General PC Operation
  • Network setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training - internet, email, Microsoft & Lotus applications
  • Web site construction & maintenance training & tutoring
  • Business System Implementation
    • accounting
    • distribution
    • manufacturing
    • marketing
    • retail sales
  • Business System & Web Site Project Management


  Resume of Thomas C. Ely

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Ely Ranch Web Services
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